Core Course Requirements
60 credits
Major Requirements
60 credits
True Faith
Christian Administration
Christian History I
Critical Thinking I
Creative Writing I
Exegesis Book of Acts I & II
Introduction to Apologetics
Introduction to Bible Study Methods
Introduction to Evangelism
Introduction to Missions
Introduction to Psychology
Life of Christ I & II
Life of Paul I & II
New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey I
Recommended Essay IV         
Apologetics I & II
Balancing the Christian Life
Books of Moses I & II
Christian Counseling I & II
Christian Ethics I
Church Leadership
Critical Thinking Tongues & Predestination
Creative Writing II
Exegesis Book of Romans
Evangelism I & II
Hermeneutics I
Homiletics I & II
Introduction to World Religions
Principles of Teaching I & II
Systematic Theology I               

Degree Requirements: 120 credits

18 – 24 Months Accelerated Program. Credits requirements for a bachelor’s degree in Ministry is 120 credits.

Must Have a High School Diploma or GED to Enroll

Exams and Tests: International Movement for Christ Theological Seminary administers both supervised and unsupervised testing and examination methods for completion of an assigned course.

Unsupervised Method: After reading the PDF texts issued for a course, Certificate and Bachelor’s degree students are required to write a five-page essay summarizing what they have learned. Master’s and Doctorate degree students are required to submit a twelve-page essay. For Certificate and Bachelor’s degree students, the five page essay must have one page of introduction, three pages of critical thinking regarding the subject matter, and one page of summary conclusion. For Master’s and doctorate degree students, the twelve page essay must have one page of introduction, nine pages of critical thinking regarding the subject matter, and two pages of summary conclusion. After the completion of the essay portion of the test, the student is required to create a set of twenty-five multiple choices questions and provide answers to those questions in a Question & Answer format. Completed tests must be submitted online for grading.

Supervised Method: After the student gets passing grades for their essay and multiple choice test assignments, the student will be notified that the required online final test for the course is ready to take. The student will login and return to their student wall, where the “Online Test” button will be flashing. After clicking, the student follows the instructions for the test. The final online test is usually a combination of short essay questions and multiple choice questions. The online test is timed, and the student will need to watch the timer carefully so that they can complete the test properly.

International Movement for Christ Theological Seminary advisers and instructors encourage students to work hard. Students who do not achieve passing grades may try to improve their grades by retaking the courses they need to improve their grades.