In all of the degree programs of International Movement for Christ Theological Seminary, we strive to achieve certain goals for our students and for the kingdom of God.

1. Spiritual Growth

In the study of God’s Word, we are confident that our students will be blessed by the Holy Spirit to grow in faith and in their dedication to serving God in their lives.

2. Academic Advancement

Through a structured curriculum, taught by faculty members that are highly qualified and have advanced academic degrees, our students will have extraordinary opportunities to learn and grow in their knowledge of the Bible, and to discover more about how it relates to our society and world.

3. Ministry Skills Development

For each degree program, there are a variety of practical courses to assist students in identifying and using their God-given talents to serve in the kingdom of God as lay leaders or clergy, and to serve in society and the world as ambassadors of Christ.

Churches and religious organizations determine the various offices of ministry that are needed, and what training is required to serve in those offices.

The degree programs offered by Theological Program would be beneficial for seminary professors, administrators, pastors, teachers, missionaries, evangelists, counselors, and social workers.